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DWare Technology is made up of a small but intelligent team of software and electrical engineers located in Brisbane, Queensland. We push technological boundaries and exceed limits in order to put our unique stamp on an ever growing digital world.  It is this drive and passion sets us apart from other technology providers.

With technology advancing rapidly and problems getting more complex, engineering experts with specialist skill sets are required to fulfil the technological and management gaps in small to medium companies. With our extensive experience and knowledge, DWare are engineering experts that can help provide and manage engineering solutions for your business. We pride ourselves on delivering complex projects and products from start to finish, using cutting edge technologies and the most effective Project Management methods.

Our dedicated team is ready to work with you on your next engineering project to deliver it on time and on budget.

Our Happy Clients

Please take your time to view our list of happy clients for whom we have completed projects in the past or are currently working with. Should you wish to get involved with us, your logo will make it’s way in the box eventually :).